PANS-OPS course

PANS-OPS Flight Procedure Design Training

What is NavDelta’s PANS-OPS flight procedure design training about?

NavDelta provides PANS-OPS training courses to the aviation community. Our flight procedure designers and consultants have extensive background in conception and execution of trainings for personnel development and for academical education. This experience allows us to offer courses at entry and advanced levels as well as tailored to your specific requirements. NavDelta develops and provides state-of-art courses, both in-house and online.

Since our main service is flight procedure design we are deeply acquainted with the criteria and particular characteristics of the ICAO PANS-OPS DOC 8168 and further associated documents (e.g. ICAO DOC 9613 PBN Manual). Our courses explore not only the details of the PANS-OPS but also bring flight procedure design in a context of aircraft operations, airspace management and environmental aspects. Our flight procedure designers are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you and your colleagues.

Who should attend?

Over the past years progress in aviation accelerated and topics became increasingly complex and overlapping. It is therefore essential that personnel and professionals are regularly trained and are familiarised with current and upcoming developments. NavDelta’s projects include a wide variety of stakeholders giving us the ability to reflect requirements of flight procedure designers and further participants in the aviation sector, such as surveyors, AIS/AIM personnel, validation personnel and aerodrome professionals. That is why our courses can aim to educate and qualify individuals from authorities, navigation service providers, airport and aircraft operators and from related aviation sectors seeking to enter the field of flight procedure design. NavDelta ensures that provided training, both in-house and online, meet competency requirements, are based on a systematic concept and include latest developments regarding the topic. 

What are our courses?
  • PANS-OPS flight procedure design – Introduction, 5 days, Concise overview of PANS-OPS and related criteria for non-flight procedure designers
  • PANS-OPS flight procedure design – Customised, Scope is subject to customer’s request
  • Aeronautical Impact Assessment – Introduction, 3 days, Comprehensive insight into environmental aspects of aviation
  • Aeronautical Impact Assessment – Customised, Scope is subject to customer’s request
All courses are also available as online trainings.

For further information, please contact us by using our contact form.

Does NavDelta also offer training related to aeronautical impact assessments?

Yes, we do. We are aware that aviation’s impact on our environment should not be neglected. The conduct of projects at NavDelta always involves a systematic consideration of effects on our environment. We are pleased to transmit this experience and specialist knowledge of our flight procedure designers and consultants to all aviation sectors. NavDelta’s courses consider the environmental effects of flight procedures and aircraft operations as well as present impact modelling methods and mitigation measures.