Aeronautical Impact Assessment Service of aviation impact on environment including noise and fuel consumption

Aeronautical Impact Assessment

Why we need to be aware of environmental issues?

The rapid development of aviation market is accompanied with ever-growing noise exposure, fuel consumption and air pollution. Environmental constraints have risen to become one of the major factors for managing today’s air traffic, especially in densely populated regions and nature preservation areas.

A continued sustainable growth requires that we fly in a more efficient manner resulting in reduction of aircraft noise and particle or gas emission. The fundamental precondition is understanding and respecting requirements of local environments and communities which is one of NavDelta’s core principles of all our projects.

How can you benefit from NavDelta’s aeronautical impact assessment service?

NavDelta’s approach to any improvement starts with a comprehensive data collection followed by a thorough analysis to achieve an in-depth understanding of the case. In this context it is crucial to be aware of local constraints, airspace procedures and the interdependency between aircraft-related fuel burn, noise and emissions. The spectrum of actions that can be taken to achieve efficient, safe and economical solutions is diverse. NavDelta’s toolbox comprises optimisation of flight and operational procedures including trajectory modification, implementation of continuous climb/descent procedures and review of altitude constraints among other means. Based on our experience and profound knowledge in aeronautical impact assessments, we provide the most suitable solution for every specific case.

What are our activities?
    • Aircraft noise calculation based on 4D-trajectory data.
    • Flight operational procedures optimisation with regard to noise abatement measures, flap schedules, reduced thrust operations and continuous climb/descent operation.
    • Environmental impact assessment of instrument flight procedures including analysis of fuel efficiency, engine emissions and aircraft noise.
    • Aircraft performance calculation and evaluation.
    • Application of high-fidelity weather data.

NavDelta is ready to solve your environmental issues and to implement noise abatement procedures. We can analyse aircraft performance and model the air traffic flow in order to minimise environmental impact of aviation.